Enter the enchanting world of custom-made wedding dresses, where every stitch is woven with the essence of fantasy and every embellishment tells a tale of love. Join us on a journey where imagination meets craftsmanship, and the dress becomes a canvas for dreams, unfolding in timeless elegance.



    This is a 1-2 hour appointment during which, we will discuss your design preferences, undertake brief sketching, and explore various fabric options based on your preferences. In addition, we will conduct thorough full-body measurements to ensure precise tailoring.

    To facilitate an accurate assessment, we kindly request that you bring a pair of shoes to the appointment. While these need not be your bridal shoes, it is important that they accurately reflect the desired height to achieve the perfect gown length.


    Upon design approval, your order seamlessly transitions to our state-of-the-art factory, where skilled artisans meticulously bring your vision to life, ensuring the highest quality for your special day.


    At your fitting, you will try on your custom made wedding dress and we will pin you for any alterations required. All your alterations are then completed by our dressmaker. 


    You will try on your custom made wedding dress for a final time before taking your wedding dress home. Alternatively, you can opt in to have your dress delivered to your door.

Each VIVACIOSA bridal gown is carefully crafted to enhance aesthetics of symmetry, balance and harmony, inspiring a sense of awe. The gowns are designed to fit and flatter the female form enhancing bride’s natural beauty. Each wedding dress is crafted with delicate and intricate laces, luxurious fabrics, and embellished with precious crystals that exude grace, extravagance, and magic.